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What is it and how does it work?
This service allows you to broadcast ongoing processes in real time for a fee.
Let's say you have an ongoing process, such as building a house, restoring or repairing a car, painting a painting or any other process that you want to share with other people for a fee you set.
To implement this idea, you need to have Internet access, an IP video camera that supports RTMP protocol and minimal computer skills.
You can be a content creator referred to as a "Creator" or a process observer referred to as an "Onlooker". The "Creator" generates content, the "Onlooker" consumes the content generated by the "Creator" for a fee set by the "Creator".
If you are a "Creator" and you want to broadcast a video stream for a fee set by you, then you need to register in our service, purchase an IP video camera that supports RTMP protocol, have Internet access, install and configure the camera as described in the sections "Add camera" and "Camera installation", as well as familiarize yourself and accept our "Terms and conditions".
The payment made by the "Onlooker", minus the service commission, goes to the "Creator" to the bank card or settlement account specified by the "Creator" when adding the camera upon reaching the total income from all installed cameras in the amount of the equivalent of $500. All transactions made by "Onlooker" in relation to your camera/cameras are reflected in your personal account in the "Earnings" section.
If you want to become an "Onlooker" and watch the cameras of the "Creators", then you also need to register, read and accept our "Terms and conditions" and pay for a subscription to the camera/cameras of the "Creators" you are interested in.
If you have any questions about using our service, you can ask them on the FAQ page of the most frequently asked questions or write to us by email support@onlooker.club .

The Onlooker team wishes you good earnings and interesting observations!
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